Ethical Investment

Investment is not a ‘morally neutral’ activity.  We as individuals, and as a Church, have an opportunity and a responsibility to be actively involved in the way our finances are managed on our behalf. We should not be passive consumers of investment products.

As Individuals

As Christians, when we think about how and where to invest our money we should be mindful of our responsibility to live more sustainable and equitable lives. Climate change is an urgent ethical issue that calls for an urgent response. We need to be aware what our banks, investment companies and pension funds are doing with our money on our behalf. How are they responding to the threats and opportunities posed by climate change? Is the company keeping its carbon low? Is the company promoting climate awareness and emissions reduction?

As a Church

Our investments are all held in ethical accounts. Both the United Reformed Church and the Methodist Church have ethical investment policies:

Charity SRI also provide resources and information about responsible investment for churches

Further reading

Green Money: How To Save And Invest Ethically by Sarah Pennells (A & C Black Publishers) explains the ideas behind ethical investment, points out sources of information, and offers to help develop a financial plan that’s sustainable both for you personally and for the planet is an independent, non-profit resource to help you find out how and where your money is invested, search for green and ethical financial products, and find out how you can help make finance more sustainable

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