Charities We Support


Amigos is a locally run charity which empowers Ugandans to bring about sustainable and lasting change through education, vocational training, conservation farming and clean water. They teach students both at Kira Farm and in Conservation Farming Groups about conservation farming – “Farming God’s Way” – to increase crop yields using sustainable practices.

Christian Aid

Christian Aid are working with their partners ShareAction on The Green Light campaign, which focuses on investing money in the world we want rather than projects that could ruin the planet. This campaign aims to take the fight for climate justice straight to those who shape our economy. Christian Aid point out that many pension providers have big investments in ‘dirty fossil fuel projects’, which is bad for the planet and risky for pensions.

Toilet Twinning

All of our Church toilets are twinned with ones primarily in Uganda and Kenya. It’s part of Tearfund and is a simple but brilliant idea. For £60 you “twin” a toilet with an impoverished family’s household latrine. This provides education about the link between sanitation and health which inspires the family to construct their own latrine and care for it. If necessary they also provide the materials and expertise to make it.

Plastic Free North Devon

Plastic Free North Devon (PFND) is a local environmental charity started by volunteers who want to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment in North Devon and beyond. Their mission is to protect and improve our environment through community-led action to combat plastic pollution. They aim to achieve this by helping people to recognise the relevance and value of the environment to their lives; to see and experience first-hand the impact of plastic pollution on nature; and to support good choices in purchasing, use and disposal of plastics. Christ Church Barnstaple is a PFND Community Group.


Everyone needs clean water to stay safe and healthy. People’s livelihoods depend on it. Climate change is making this so much harder in many parts of the world, often those who are already the poorest people struggling to survive and thrive. Weather is becoming more extreme, resulting in either too much or too little water – 90% of all natural disasters are water-related. 1 in 10 people don’t have access to clean water close to home. Often the only water available is dirty and/or infected with diseases like Cholera. Climate change exacerbates this by causing drought, making it a struggle for people to access water for washing and drinking. It also means farmer’s crops are more likely to fail and their livestock to die, so they produce less to sell and there is less to eat. WaterAid works to provide reliable sources of clean water, and works with governments to ensure that access to clean water is prioritized in their climate plans.

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