Our reaction to the current situation – coronavirus, COVID-19

Our response to Coronavirus (Covid 19).

During this outbreak of coronavirus (Covid 19) we shall be keeping you up to date with the way we can help one another, share information and offer prayers. This is an uncertain time for many of us but we do have a faith in Jesus who is steadfast and certain so we offer up prayers for all our concerns as well as practical details of how we are organising ourselves.

The newest information will appear here and then be kept on this page for you to access.

We have now resumed our Sunday morning services. In order that our more vulnerable members feel safe to attend, we continue to be cautious. Services will last slightly less than one hour and the building will be well ventilated. Please do not sit next to anyone who is not in your household, leaving at least one empty seat on either side. We ask that everyone who is able to wear a mask or face covering does so whilst in the building. You will be invited to sanitise your hands on arrival, and ask that you maintain at least a one metre distance from anyone who is not in your household.

Other groups and activities will be resuming as we feel it is safe to do so, please see the current edition of The Messenger for the most up-to-date information.

A prayer from Rev Dr John Proctor General Secretary of the United Reformed Church:

Lord Jesus,
In the midst of a storm,
You said, ‘Peace be still.’
Bid our anxious fears subside,
Sustain your church in faith, hope and love,
Bring our nation through this tumult,
Grant wisdom to those with heavy responsibilities,
And healing and hope to those who are infected. Amen.

A prayer from the Methodist Church appears on our first post for this news. Further information will be sent to people from the minister Rev Don Macalister. Where possible it will also be placed on this website