Letter from Don 27th June 2020

Rainbow and promises

Dear friends,

 I know you must be wondering if any of our churches will be opening for worship soon so thought I should follow up what I wrote last week by saying that both the Methodist and United Reformed Churches are putting plans in place for when the time comes when we are able to gather together for worship.

At present the ruling by the Methodist Church continues to be that the use of Methodist Church premises is still not permitted but further instructions will come out after the Methodist Conference has ended. The United Reformed Church, while allowing the opening of churches strongly advises against doing so without a full risk assessment for COVID-19 and plans and changes being in place to make any return to churches safe, especially for the more vulnerable members.

Our first responsibility is to keep one another safe and not to deliberately or accidentally expose ourselves or others to a virus for which there is still no prevention or cure. While the government may have removed some restrictions on churches it is for the denominations and churches to judge when the time is right.

While there are strong economic pressures on the government to remove restrictions as quickly as possible I believe that although it is painful for us all not to be able to meet for worship it is wise and responsible to make sure we get this right. Please do email me if you have any thoughts you would like to share with me on this, it will be helpful to me as we consider prayerfully the next steps. 

Please say safe and keep in touch,

with love and prayers,


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