Holy Week


It was on the Monday when money and values played their part.
From money changing in the Temple; to a woman wiping expensive perfume over Jesus; to Judas thinking of betraying his master.


As tough as nails…. being strong and stubborn as well as determined, not easily frightened OR harsh and unfeeling.
From heaven you came helpless babe…. Hands that flung stars into space , to cruel nails surrendered….(Graham Kendrick)
Cross-carrying Jesus, nailed to the tree of life, forgive us.


Jesus enjoyed food, lovingly prepared and gladly shared. He is to be found in broken bread and wine poured in Christian fellowship. In gifts such as food for the hungry and protests for the deprived he is still found.


With a bowl and a towel Jesus 
set about showing care and love
 towards his friends.  The same friends who thought this gesture of welcome might  reduce their status. So He bent and washed their feet.
We pray for the spirit of servanthood in our lives.


Stay here where nails are driven
hard through love’s tender hands
for where Love’s side is riven
faith pierced by grief, still stands.

Alan Gaunt


Were YOU there when they crucified my Lord?
Were you THERE when they nailed him to the tree?
Were you there when THEY laid him in the tomb?


Jesus Christ is risen today! Alleluia!

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